Video — October 4, 2013 at 7:58 am

Video: Gary Numan cranks up the guitars in 30-minute KEXP set at Bumbershoot

Gary Numan

Radio station KEXP continues to post stellar video filmed at its Bumbershoot Music Lounge over Labor Day weekend during the Seattle music festival, this time coming up with a 30-minute set from Gary Numan. As you can see below, Numan plugs in for a trio of songs from his forthcoming Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind), plus a couple tracks from the early 2000s and his classic “Cars.”

Splinter is due out Oct. 15. Numan opens his U.S. tour two nights later (see dates).



Setlist: Gary Numan, KEXP’s Bumbershot Music Lounge, Seattle, WA, 8/31/13

1. “The Fall”
2. “Everything Comes Down To This”
3. “Cars”
4. “Love Hurt Bleed”
5. “Halo”
6. “A Prayer For The Unborn”






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Most entertaining hairpiece in all of Goth music

  2. Actually it’s only 2 songs from his new album (“Everything Comes Down To This” and “Love Hurt Bleed.”)

  3. Loren Jones

    Very Impressive! What was that that that Trent Reznor was saying?

  4. An intriguing little performance from an intriguing musician, really. But yeah, the hair, the hair! And it seems a tad odd to see Numan with such a young live band (but that’s entirely his choice and it could just be my own weird take on it). I should add I am a second-hand interest person when it comes to Numan – found him via Nine Inch Nails.

  5. Was a huge fan in the early days – saw him several times at his peak (and afterwards too). Same age. I really wish he’d go back to the sound he was pioneering instead of following – I think it would work so much better. You can still hear a bit of that “sound” in there just a bit.

    Gary! We’re in our mid 50’s dude. Time to show them how it’s done! Come over for a beer and BBQ now that you’re in CA and we’ll talk.

    I’m glad he’s at least back to singing again instead of burying his voice in the mix.

    • Amen TonyM! My first concert I ever went to was his ’82 tour (with Wall of Voodoo!) and it was always a top show for me. Interesting person and I’m glad to see he is still rollin’.

  6. Much love for Tubeway Army and Gary’s early solo albums but this is horrible. What’s sad is he wanted to be John Foxx early in his career and Nine Inch Nails during the latter half of his career. Sigh.

  7. Mmmm the “hurt” guitar riff is very similar to the Rammstein song “sonne”. Sorry, i like metal and related styles, love the distorted guitars, but this is patetic!.

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