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Morrissey ejects sign-waving protester from Portland concert, cancels Seattle show

Declaring “Go! Go! Go!” from the stage, Morrissey ejected a sign-waving protester from the audience of his concert in Portland, Ore., on Monday night, then canceled tonight’s scheduled performance in Seattle — though it’s not clear if the two events are connected in any way.

Video posted to YouTube by 21st Century Vomit — watch it below — shows a person in the crowd with a sign that said “Bigmouth indeed” and another with the trident-like symbol of For Britain — a far-right nationalist party in the U.K. that Morrissey has been criticized for supporting — crossed out.

Prior to playing “Hairdresser on Fire,” Morrissey said, “Let’s be quite frank. When you with the sign are removed, I will continue. Otherwise, get out now.” As the crowd cheered on, Morrissey repeated “Go! Go! Go!” and “We don’t need you.” Finally, the protester was escorted out, and the show continued.

Around midday today, the WAMU Theater in Seattle announced: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Morrissey will not be able to perform tonight’s concert.” The venue offered refunds to ticketbuyers, and said Morrissey’s tour with Interpol would continue Thursday in San Francisco.

The cancellation follows the postponement last month of Morrissey’s Houston concert, with the singer citing the “extreme flood conditions” in the area in the wake of Tropical Storm Imelda — though many fans noted no such conditions existed by that point in the city.

Below, check out video of the protester’s ejection, and see Morrissey’s remaining tour dates.





Morrissey tour dates

Oct. 1: WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA (with Interpol)
Oct. 3: Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco, CA (with Interpol)
Oct. 5: Five Point Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA (with Interpol)
Oct. 6: Pechanga Arena, San Diego, CA (with Interpol)
Oct. 10: Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, AB
Oct. 11: Southern Albert Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Canada
Oct. 14: Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Oct. 15: Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Oct. 21: Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Canada
Oct. 26: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (with Interpol)
Oct. 28: White Oak Outdoor Lawn, Houston, TX (Rescheduled — with Interpol) 




  1. Good for Moz. What a pack of wankers.

  2. Watching Morrissey behave like this breaks my heart, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from him nowadays. I’ve long passed the point at which I would see him in concert or buy any of his records.

  3. Moz is King of the Wankers.

  4. I hate to see people treat Morrissey this way. The youth of today have zero respect for differing opinions.

  5. I gave up Moz a while back because he hadn’t made a good record since You are the Quarry. I don’t think I’d come back now even if he did make a good record (he won’t).

  6. What the f*** did they go to the concert for? to behave like assholes and maybe ruin the night for everyone else? If you don’t like the guy or his music leave him alone and go somewhere else.
    His political opinions are his own, I don’t share them but that’s not a reason to go there and do that.

  7. Such a delicate flower.

  8. Timm Davison

    Morrissey is a tool and has been for some time now. He treats his fans like garbage – as evidenced by the numerous cancelled concerts, year after year – sign waving nutjob or not. Why anyone still defends his actions is beyond me. At some point you have to realize enough is enough, and the guy you grew up loving maybe doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt any longer.

  9. So shocking that he cancelled another concert. I’m so surprised. Interpol has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

  10. Morrissey was coughing and sneezing and use a nasal spray during the Austin show. I was surprised he lasted through that whole show. So cancelling in Houston was no surprise. Not sure if he figured he’d get the same protesrs in Seattle and was just being preemptive.

  11. Ben van ingen

    So freakin pissed. My wife and I had our tickets for a while and we both had requested that day off from our jobs and now we lost a days pay for freakin nothing. We were all ready to head out and then I get an email saying morrissey concert canceled. They said we will get our money back in like 10 business days but I want my damn money back NOW!!!!!. Why should we have to wait. Morrissey is freakin rich and I spent all my his money and now have to wait. $236 Spent. Is he going to pay for my wife’s and I lost days pay. I can’t afford to take days off and I purposely took the day off for the concert that ended up being canceled. Is there a way I can get ahold of somebody to file a lawsuit against morrissey. Freakin rich as u know what and I’m poor so I want to sue him. And why should I have to wait 10 damn business days to get my $236 back. I want it now this second put back in my checking account. So now I have to struggle with money that my wife and I lost a days pay for the concert that didn’t happen. I’m going to look into a lawsuit against morrissey. Who can I get in touch with for this process? I’m so pissed

  12. Give me Johnny Marr over Morissey any day.

  13. Here’s how it should work:

    BREAKING NEWS: Prescheduled Morrissey Concert Appears to be Happening

    The cancellations are no longer news. They’re the probable outcome.

  14. I couldn’t care less about Moz one way or the other anymore, but seriously: Why go to a rock show just to wave a political sign? Stay home with your Twitter and let others enjoy the show. I’m guessing the sign didn’t change Morrissey’s political views, but the sign guy sure succeeded in fucking up everyone else’s evening.

  15. bill mikels

    Antifa was probably plotting to throw feces and urine on the band at their Seattle date. Seattle police have been directed to stand down so they had to cancel.

  16. Leftist fascist theatrics… Thanks for paying to get kicked out. It’s a concert! These leftist wankers prove that they have no intolerance for others political views. The left are the fascist factually and historically.

  17. It wasn’t a only a message to Morrissey. It was also a message to fans that weren’t previously aware of his belief that those not fortunate or privileged enough to have been born white don’t deserve the same rights.

    People that dare to point this out aren’t the assholes.

    • Somehow, I doubt many of the fans you believe needed to be lectured to thought they’d find themselves in a wokeness rally, or would have assented had they known. Maybe they just went to the show to get away from things and have a good time? Maybe they’re apolitical. Maybe they just wanted TO HEAR SOME MUSIC. But no … clearly someone knew better. Cancel Morrissey, that’ll fix the world.

      Give the rest of us a break and check your politics at the door.

      • I don’t think one should consider whether or not one’s audience will be uncomfortable when deciding to point out an injustice, in Morrissey’s case supporting far-right ideology. If people want to just enjoy Morrissey’s music and ignore the hate he espouses, then screw ’em.

        • So have you stopped listening to the Smiths too? Same artist. He’s still getting a cut every time you stream a Smiths song. Are all Smiths fans now complicit in promoting injustice?

          Let us all know who we should stop listening to next, just because you don’t like how they vote.

        • I don’t use streaming services, so that’s not a problem I have. Nice try though!

    • Blaq Unicorn

      Ugh, you’re obnoxious. UE405 is right. No one needs the stupid little lecture. No one cares about your pet politics. We might have to deal with political messages of the artist we paid to see, but we don’t need to care about yours. Save your pretentious nonsense for someone who cares.

      • You’re mistaken. It’s not a lecture at all, it’s a response to Morrissey’s own words.

        Rather than defending racist rhetoric, you should be blaming Morrissey, if you *really* have a problem with people promoting political messages.

  18. I like Morrissey’s music. I don’t care about his personal views.

  19. Funny how poor little Moz regards ONE LITTLE SIGN as grounds to threaten to walk off stage. One sign isn’t showing intolerance. It’s just expressing the point of view that his fans aren’t all with him on HIS intolerance.

    You don’t see Thom Yorke threatening to take Radiohead off stage when fans show their displeasure at them playing Tel Aviv by waving Palestinian flags, do you!

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