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The The’s Matt Johnson finally embraces the “banned” music video for “This Is the Day”

Matt Johnson in The The’s “This Is the Day” video

The The mastermind Matt Johnson for years so disliked the music video for the band’s iconic 1983 single “This Is the Day” that he says he insisted it be “withdrawn and banned from circulation.”

Now, some 40 years later, he’s softening his stance, and, in conjunction with the song’s appearance on the soundtrack to the just-released “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” he’s finally uploaded the Tony Dow-directed video — in sparkly 4K quality, no less — to The The’s official YouTube channel.

Johnson writes, in a message posted to Facebook earlier today, that he finally “can see the funny side of it — particularly my haircut and the way I’m self-consciously skulking around.”

Here’s are Johnson’s comments on the video:

“For many years I insisted this video be withdrawn and banned from circulation as I was so unhappy with it — the end result didn’t turn out at all like the director, Tony Dow, said it would. (Ironically, Tony, a lovely man, went on to make his name as the director of the British comedy sitcom Only Fools And Horses!). At the age of 21, I didn’t know the difference between film and video (on which this was shot). Because I was so disappointed with the video for ‘This Is The Day’, in future I insisted I would only shoot music videos on film. One of the next videos I made was with Tim Pope in NYC, shot on 35mm and probably my all-time favourite: ‘Out Of The Blue (into the fire)’. Videos like that are the ones that truly reflected how I felt and what my music was trying to express. But, as the years have advanced, my feelings towards the video for ‘This Is The Day’ have softened somewhat and I can see the funny side of it — particularly my haircut and the way I’m self-consciously skulking around! More poignantly, all my immediate family are in it; only two of us are now left, so for that purpose alone it’s worth re-viewing.”

And now check out the video for “This Is the Day” — off The The’s Soul Mining — in all its splendor:







  1. Deborah Dewar

    Just listening to Soul Mini g…the Twilight Hour in the backround…cutting chunks fr your heat rubbing it in to your eyes….wow!…this music has so much dept…thank god it’s still in my Libraty!

  2. Deborah Dewar

    Just listening to Soul Mining…the Twilight Hour in the backround…with lyrics like-cutting chunks from your heart rubbing it in your eyes…WOW— this music has so much depth….thank god it’s still in my library! ❤️

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