Contests — May 19, 2023 at 6:00 am

Win tickets to Riot Fest with The Cure, Foo Fighters, Postal Service, Death Cab + more

Huge news out of Riot Fest this week, with The Cure announced as one of the headliners of the 2023 installment of the three-day Chicago festival — and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

The randomly selected winner of this contest will receive two (2) general admission passes good for all three days of the festival, which runs Sept. 15-17 at Chicago’s Douglass Park. The rest of the headliners are Foo Fighters, The Postal Service, Death Cab For Cutie and Queens of the Stone Age.

Also on the bill: Turnstile, The Mars Volta, Ride, Mr. Bungle, AFI, The Breeders, Kim Gordon, Ani DiFranco, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Exploited and dozens more. (See the full lineup here, and if you’d rather not chance it and want to buy tickets, head over here.)


In the comments section at the bottom of this post, let us know which of the acts on this year’s Riot Fest lineup — besides The Cure, we know you want to see The Cure — you’re most excited to catch live, and feel free to say why. If for any reason you’re unable to comment, go ahead and email your entry to with the subject line “YES, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE FREE TICKETS TO RIOT FEST PLEASE.”

This contest is now closed.


We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. Eastern on Friday, June 2, 2023. After that point, we’ll select one (1) winner at random, and they will be notified via their provided e-mail address. So be sure to use a real email address when commenting. Very important: If the winner does not reply to their notification email within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.





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  1. Ward Crittendon

    I want to see Kim Gordon at Riot Fest. Thanks!

    • Peggy Herlache

      Frank Turner, Breeders, Foo, CURE (had to say it) :)

      • I absolutely need to see the band free throw, I was obsessed with them last year, and then I also need to see Caroline rose bc I saw them at 2019 riot fest. I also need to see bowling for soup because they are iconic. And then if I can I would love to see the used and Foo fighters!!

      • Nate Davis

        Turnstile – because they’re absolutely amazing live
        Foo fighters – because I’ve never seen the legendary Dave Grohl live and hope to before either of us die.
        DRAIN, AFI, Silverstein, Bayside, QOTSA, PUP, Pennywise,The Bronx, EARTH CRISIS! Just so many bands to see and name! Please pick me!

    • Josh Shepard


    • Parliament and Steve Ignorant/Crass

      • Shawn Shultz

        Mr. Bungle of course. My buddy just moved to Chicago. This would be the only way I’d visit him ha

    • The Mars Volta. Got one of their albums and was hooked right away

      • Ricky Rivard

        So many choices – I’d love to see death cab and postal service. Frank Turner is amazing AFI could play Hanging Gardens with the Cure. Lfg

    • I want to see the Interrupters and Flogging Molly. Plus it’s my 5 year wedding anniversary 9/16. It would be a great way to celebrate!!

    • Looking forward to seeing Origami Angel!

    • Rachel Engle

      So many. Foo Fighters, The Postal Service, The Mars Volta, Ani Di Franco, Tegan and Sara, Enter Shikari and tops.

    • I want to see say anything!

    • Seeing Origami Angel at Riot Fest would be amazing. Also- Turnstile, Free Throw, 100 Gecs, 070 Shake, & Microwave!!!

    • The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Gibbard & Co. double header, oh my!!!

    • Emily Arnold

      Bayside and Turnstile. They are both AMAZING live and I’m due for some fun!!

    • Hyped to see the Parliament funkadelic hope they get a good time and stage

    • Queens of the Stone Age and Postal Service! I love all the bands but for whatever reason these two have been the hardest for me to actually be able to see. So if I were to get the tickets it would be mindblowing for me! Thanks for doing the contest to begin with and giving back to the community. Appreciate ya’ll!

  2. The Gaslight Anthem are my #1. Then being back together is so surreal

    • I want to see the used and day anything because it wasn’t a phase.

      • Christa Schenkel-Miller

        I would love to see Kim Gordon & Queens of the Stone Age, and also, obviously, THE CURE! The cure has been my favorite band since Jr high, and I last saw the Cure the last time they were at Riot Fest in Chicago, and because of my early onset arthritis and the weekend’s mud making things so slippery, ended up watching them sitting on an old raincoat in the cold mud, behind the crowd, but they were still phenomenal and their set was amazing! My husband was seeing them for the first time, and he was blown away, too! I wasnt able to get handicapped accessible seats to any of the Shows of a Lost World Tour, and can’t afford Riot Fest tickets, so it would be a dream come true, if I could win these tickets and see them Cure again. Plus, Riot Fest now has (limited) handicapped accessible platforms by the main stages now, and I could really be able to see them up close. I will figure out a way to get transportation, food, and hotel saved up for, if I could get Riot Fest tickets for me & my husband. It would mean the world to me. Thank you.

  3. Michael Boyce

    I want to see Kim Gordon at Riot Fest

    • Natalie Lundstrom

      I want to see Mr. Bundle and Bayside because my husband loves them but refuses to participate in fests/fun

  4. So many I’d love to see but I’m going with Just Mustard. I love them, and missed them earlier this year.

  5. Kim Toncar

    I’m so excited to see Ride at Riotfest this year! I’ve followed these guys for over 30 years and they just keep getting better and better! Love them! And of course, my two favorite Kims in rock will also be there so it’s a can’t miss!

  6. Fake Names! Can’t go wrong with members of Refused+Bad Religion+Fugazi

    • Queens of the Stone Age! I’ve been living in the States for the last 5 years, and “little sister” makes me feel close to my sister, I would love to see it live!

  7. Antti Hietamaki

    Well besides the cure I want to see super badly the breeders, Kim Gordon, godspeed you…, ride, cults, the black Angels, warpaint…

    • Jennifer Almanza

      My entire playlist on Spotify is the cure and the best cover of all time is Rebecca Clements boys don’t cry but my husband and I literally listened to tegan and Sara for our very first date because we both loved them and bonded instantly over it anyway everyone else playing is also on my playlist-

  8. Travis Frey

    I’d love to see George Clinton & Parliment Funkadelic. They’re playing on my 40th Birthday this year, but my wife and I were recently laid off, so we have to pass on seeing them, which is a bummer. I never did get to see George and this is his final tour.

    • Josh Macias

      Yes, I’d love to win some free tickets to Riot Fest. I think I speak for many when stating that Friday’s closer, the Foo Fighters, is much anticipated. Dave Grohl is a captivating performer. His infectious energy and genuine love for music resonate with the audience, creating a unique connection. Seeing him command the stage with his charismatic presence is an experience in itself and is sure to leave a lasting impression. The sense of community and camaraderie among Riot Fest attendees can be truly special. Riot Fest offers a chance to make new friends, bond over a shared love for the Foo Fighters, and create memories that will stay with you long after the festival is over.

  9. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. fear no music….

    • Head Automatica for sure. I’ve seen Glassjaw many times but never was able to see him front head automatica. Also Finch since it’s been forever since I’ve seen them

  10. The Postal Service!!

  11. I’m excited to see The Dresden Dolls back together again!

    • Grayson Upton

      The Gaslight Anthem I absolutely adore them they make me so happy and to see them be able to perform alongside names such as the Foo Fighters and The Cure is just amazing

  12. Ron Petto

    I very much want to see Foo Fighters ( of course) but the dark horse in this lineup is Dresden Dolls. They BRING IT & it’s been too long.

  13. Margret Caulton

    The Gaslight Anthem!!

  14. Danielle T

    i’m excited to see the dresden dolls!! but the whole lineup is excellent.

  15. So many quality acts on one bill – but I’m excited to see Empire State Bastard, on what I think is their maiden performance on this side of the pond!
    And Godspeed, no doubt.

  16. Marco Trevino

    Corey Fucking Feldman!!!!

  17. Andrew Pauly

    Death Cab, The Postal Service, Turnstile, Death Grips, Viagra Boys, Warpaint, Nothing, Gorilla Biscuits, Ride, just to name a few.

  18. Dresden dolls, reunited!

  19. Sandra Braun

    So many great acts at Riot Fest. Obviously I do want to see The Cure, but I’d also love to see Foo Fighters, The Breeders, or The Postal Service for the first time. I’d also love to see Tegan and Sara again, or Death Cab. Basically, I want to see SO many of these artists because we’ll theyre all amazing and talented. ❤️

  20. Keith Malloy

    I keep missing The Dresden Dolls, I would definitely not miss The Dresden Dolls if I win.

    (Unless they are on at the same time as The Cure)

  21. Mr. Bungle. Because Mike Patton is one of the most amazing, passionate artists on the planet with a bombastic gifted voice.

  22. John Houser III

    I’d love to finally see Queens of the Stone Age.

  23. James Hook

    The Interrupters
    Viagra Boys

  24. Foo Fighters, Postal Service, Interrupters, Bowling for Soup….AND THE CURE.

  25. There are so many acts besides The Cure. Dresden Dolls, Foo Fighters, The Breeders and Death Grips are just a handful that I would love to see.

  26. Amy Marion

    I want to see Mr. Bungle with my husband!

  27. Chris Ross

    Turnstile. Have wanted to see them forever. Their energy and positivity is so empowering. Add in the other acts and this is just an unreal lineup.

  28. Flogging Molly!! Devil’s Dancefloor compels me to dance. Dresden Dolls (and I hope Amanda Palmer will sing her solo song Map of Tasmania as well as the Dolls’ repertoire ’cause it makes me laugh every time). Parliament Funkadelic feat. George Clinton would put me in the presence of greatness. Ani DiFranco speaks to soul.

  29. Postal Service/Death Cab, of course, Quasi, and… You know.

  30. Mike McGovern

    The Black Angels and Just Mustard!!!

  31. Jason Davis

    I’m here for some Foo! I also really want to see The Postal Service!

  32. Nathan Pease

    The Breeders!

  33. Travis Kolesar

    The Postal Service, since I couldn’t get tickets for the MN tour stop and this is the only show they’re playing in the area.

  34. Marcus Tsong

    Too many bands! But I missed out on seeing The Breeders back in the 90s, so yeah that would be amazing

  35. Joe A Rodriguez

    I would like to see Ani DiFranco, The Interrupters, and Tegan and Sara. Been a fan of these acts but have never seen them live.
    I’ve seen The Cure twice on this tour already and would love to see another show to make it an even 20 times seeing them live.

  36. Joseph Gurner

    So. Many. Bands!
    In addition to seeing “you know who,” Death Cab for Cutie for sure. The Breeders. The Mars Volta would be fun! And did I see Corey Feldman’s name on the list? I’d have to see him just to find out the answer to the eternal question: “What the hell is Corey Feldman doing here?”

  37. Roger McShane

    Death Cab/The Postal Service

    • Jennifer Almanza

      My entire playlist on Spotify is the cure and the best cover of all time is Rebecca Clements boys don’t cry but my husband and I literally listened to tegan and Sara for our very first date because we both loved them and bonded instantly over it anyway everyone else playing is also on my playlist

  38. Amber Richards

    THE BREEDERS. Truly badass Women (Sisters!!) who ROCK through the test of life, loss, and love And Jim is ok too❤️

  39. Very excited to see, in no particular order, Warpaint, Cults, Black Angels, Ride and The Breeders. And some of those headliners too…..

  40. The Dresden Dolls!

  41. Cheri Hatfield

    Is there another band playing besides The Cure?? Oh yeah, FOO FIGHTERS!!! Miss you Taylor!

  42. Limon Flanagan

    The Breeders and Kim Gordon! It has been years!

  43. Kimon Flanagan

    The Breeders and Kim Gordon!

  44. Kathryn Nicholas

    Queens of the Stone Age, The Dresden Dolls, The Breeders, Warpaint, and many more!

  45. I would love to see Pennywise! Thank you.

  46. Andy Kohl

    I’d love to see RIDE again. I saw them with The Charlatans and I’m thrilled they’re coming back. Great band.

  47. Ride, Kim Gordon, The Breeders & Cory Feldman for shits & giggles;)-

  48. Lou Antonucci

    Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service, The Cure, The Mars Volta, Mr Bungle, Tegan And Sara, The Gaslight Anthem, Dresden Dolls, Kim Gordon, Pup, Frank Turner, Pennywise, Parliament Funkadelic, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Gorilla Biscuits, Ride, Fake Names, Thursday, Quicksand, H20, Microwave, The Exploited, Crass,The Black Angels, Nothing, Screaming Females, Free Throw, Quasi, Corey Feldman (for the lolz) Earth Crisis, Total Chaos…in no particular order

  49. Bethany Burget

    Godspeed You Black Emporer! And Earth Crisis.

  50. The breeders!!! And The Cure & alllllll the others!

  51. Kristi Forrest

    Foo Fighters!

  52. Corey Feldman, obviously. There isn’t enough room to type out the others.

  53. Foo fighters, 100 gecs, death cab for cutie !!!!

  54. I would like to see Just Mustard. Thank you

  55. Sleep Token, George Clinton, 100 Gecs!

  56. Sylvia Davila

    I would love to see Tegan and Sara they have such a wonderful mix of music generes. Songs such as I Know I Know I Know, I Was A Fool to Everything Is Awesome!! Seeing them live would be so cool! Also along with The Cure !

  57. Ralph Ramirez

    I’m excited to see Foo Fighters(David Groul does an awesome Prince cover!!)and Dresden Dolls ( I really enjoyed their performance at the Auditorium Theatre during the True Colors tour!)

  58. James reynolds

    Pennywise would be killer

  59. ICP ….. whoop whoop

  60. I’d love to see Death Grips, plus some of the up and coming bands like Bearings, Young Culture, and Pinkshift!

  61. Andy King

    Fooo FIGHTERS!

  62. I would lose it if I saw the postal service. I also want to take my mom who’s never been to a festival before!

  63. Edith Serna

    I want to see AFI, so I can feel as ancient as I am

  64. Emily Baker


  65. Jessica lakie

    I’ll cry if I don’t see the postal service, they are who I’m looking forward to the most!!

  66. Joe Jarosz

    Insane Clown Posse because I would never go out of my way to see them live. But…if they’re in Douglas Park in September, somewhere I’ve been 3 of the past 6 years, then I’ll finally check them out.

  67. Nick Fairweather

    Viagra Boys!

  68. I’m dying to see nothing, nowhere. and The Postal Service. I would fly to Chicago just to see them play. The last time TPS toured I was too young to do it and Give Up means a lot to me, so I had to settle for live broadcastings. Now I’m in a place where I can actually travel and see them and it would really help a lot if I could win tickets so I can invest in plane tickets and lodging.

  69. The Aquadolls

    Because that’s really close to The Aquabats; and The Aquabats FTW.

  70. Luis Martinez

    I would love to see Kim Gordon, The Breeders, Turnistile, H2O, The Exploited, George Clinton.

  71. Holly Girard

    Afi and The Foo Fighters

  72. I want to see The Used so I can actually live out my emo days

  73. Eduardo Suarez

    Enshu tune is on the top of my list

  74. Tiffany St. Louis

    Honestly, the entire line up is full of bucket list bands for me. I’m thrilled to finally see the Foo Fighters!!

  75. Frank Turner!!! Always fantastic live!!!

  76. Michael S

    I was stoked to see The Cure, but Corey Feldman is entirely too much of a treat to pass up! Oh yeah I guess Death Grips and Braid are playing too huh.

  77. really hoping to see Microwave, PUP, Turnstile, Oso Oso, Origami Angel, Say Anything, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age! my friend and I drove across the country to see Say Anything back in 2018 only for the shows to be canceled day-of, so it would be really nice to get to see them (with that same friend who I’ve gone to Riot with every year since 2018!)

  78. I want to see BOWLING FOR SOUP! And Spitalfield too

  79. Adwoa Nsiah-Yeboah

    This Riot Fest Line-up is Phenom! So many gems but really looking forward to seeing PUP, TURNSTILE and Punk Legends PENNYWISE!

  80. Tony feithen

    Mr. Bungle!! Been a fan for 1000 years and haven’t seen them live, Gaslight Anthem! So glad they are back! And Frank Turner, haven’t had the chance to see him live either.

  81. Sharon Marszal

    I want to see AFI at Riotfest

  82. I am all in for hardcore this year: Turnstile, Drain, Earth Crisis. Also stoked for PUP, Just Friends, and Pool Kids

  83. Ryan Polzin

    I want to see Mr. Bungle. I bought tickets for 2021, but Patton had to pull out, so it didn’t happen. Glad they are returning… It’s really the only chance to hear a live SOD song from Scott Ian. Plus, all the Bungle songs are pretty kick ass.

  84. Raychel Parker-Dull

    I would very much like to see The Postal Service!! They tour so so so infrequently and this is my first chance to see them!!! But also you can’t go wrong with Tegan and Sara! And The Mars Volta put on such an interesting fucking show!!

  85. Stephanie Bredeson

    The Gaslight Anthem

  86. Can’t wait to Bayside!

    Honestly, I want to see all of them, but that’s my top!

  87. Richard Wills

    Queens of the Stone Age! Also ICP should interesting.

  88. The Mars Volta!!

  89. Ashley Lieman

    I saw the Mars Volta ages ago and I would love the chance to see them perform again!

  90. Ashley Lowman

    I saw the Mars Volta ages ago and I would love the chance to see them perform again!

  91. The Postal Service, because they are the most anti-punk band in existence and it would be a great juxtaposition

  92. Id love to see Steve Ignorant/Crass

    • Yan St-Amour

      Feom Quebec we will make the trip to see for sur death cab/postal service/the breeders/mr.bungle/goodspeed and so much more

  93. Victoria C

    Everyone honestly! From Postal Service all the way to ICP ✨

  94. I’m psyched to see The Exploited!!!
    They always put on a great show!

  95. Jennifer Brown

    The Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie and Ani DiFranco. And George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic!

  96. Walter Spitznagle

    Real Friends!

  97. Foo Fighters!!

  98. Bobby Nelson

    AFI, please.

  99. Jon Calderas

    Kim Gordon, P-Funk and Warpaint are all on my must see list!

  100. Parliament. Been wanting to see George Clinton and p funk since the motheship landed oh so long ago. Tickets please. (I got mine but will bring my kids!) 8 years of riotfest under our belts looking forward to 9

  101. Quasi, mars Volta, Screaming Females, Kim Gordon, Dresden Dolls as a gift to my teen self. And just … to be there. There’s like a million new fave bands you get to discover too

  102. Melissa V

    Never saw The Postal Service and it is a dream to see them live. Would love to see White Reaper as well. It’s been years since I last saw them and they are stellar live. Always a great show.

  103. Garrett H

    Viagra boys, insane clown posse, Corey Feldman?! This is too awesome to miss!

  104. Jefferson Wery

    Other than the Cure of course, and many others playing as well, I would most love to see Ani Difranco. I had tickets to her show a few years ago, but it got canceled due to Covid. I live in Maui, Hawaii and we don’t get many shows, so it was a bummer.

  105. Death Cab for Cutie, Hawthorne Heights (they saved WWWY Saturday blow out for me), Turnstile & Parliament!

  106. Alexis Bourke

    I want to see Bowling for Soup!!! They were one of my favorites in high school, such a fun band!

  107. Sludgeworth! I learned about them this year when they re-released their album Losers of the Year. I’m a huge screeching weasel fan, so to be able to see two of the original members rocking out in Sludgeworth would be awesome!!

  108. Anthony Lyons

    The Mars Volta. Will be lucky 11th time :)

  109. Robert Hackney

    Foo Fighters, The Cure, Corey F’n Feldman, The Breeders, Kim Gordon


  111. Chris Kouzes

    So I get to see what all this Juggalo nonsense is without going to an actual Insane Clown Posse show? AND still see The Cure. Yes please.

    • Beau Ryan Rodefer

      Foo Fighters! Been trying for years! Covid canceled one of the shows and then Taylor passed a week before I was going to see them finally want to make that happen! And LS Dunes would be insane too!

  112. Crystal Bates

    I want to see Mars Volta

  113. Viagra Boys – will they live up to their name???
    Queens of the Stone Age – new album out and perhaps a new Josh post-child custody?
    Also White Reaper, the Interrupters, and so many more!

  114. Cynthia Amsden

    I’ve been a fan of the Dresden Dolls for close to 20 years. I would love to be able to see them and all the other amazing bands on this lineup. But seeing Dresden Dolls and Fea would make my year.

  115. Turnstile and Mr. Bungle!!!!

  116. PUP is one of the best concerts I’ve been to so I’d be hyped to see them again !!! Obviously Foo Fighters too, they’re my all time fave

  117. I WANT TO SEE SO MANY BANDS! In all honesty ICP is my main choice! I get to travel back in time and actually see the band that I listened to when I was an angry teenager! Also Any of the bands that molded my life, like the used, AFI, death cab for cutie! All of the above! Please make my dream come truuuueeee!

  118. Chad Mickel

    Viagra Boys. And Volta, definitely Volta

  119. I obviously want to see The Cure, but seeing Foo Fighters would also be nice!! Have never seen them live yet.

  120. Rich Keil

    Queens of the Stone Age and AFI

  121. Jake Largo

    Gorilla Biscuits – Never saw them before
    The Exploded – Always seemed to miss them.
    Total Chaos – Interested in seeing them play
    Enola Gay – A friend from the UK told me not to miss them.
    The Bronx – Saw them with the Chats last year but only caught half of their show.
    White Reaper – Just saw them at Metro and I was impressed.
    George Clinton & the P-Funk – Saw George play at the first or second Lollapalooza and then met George a while back while working at the Concord Music Hall. Really nice guy.

  122. Chris Ruggles

    The gaslight anthem! My wife and I used to say phrases from their songs as a relationship mantra and it’s been a rough few years. We lost each other but riot is a safe space we still enjoy together and financially will not be able to attend without winning tix somehow. Help save our marriage!

  123. Bananaboatjoe

    I really want to see The Mars Volta, AFI, and Mr. Bungle!

  124. Michelle Rowly

    There are so many great Riot Grrrl type acts at Riot Fest this year! I want to see Kim Gordon, The Breeders and Ani Difranco amongst so many others.

  125. Ryley Trottier

    I’m most stoked to see Gaslight Anthem, AFI, The Used and the The Interrupters!!!!
    Also excited to see Parliament w/ George Clinton bring the funk!!

  126. Michelle Shive

    Besides The Cure, who are my favorite band by the way, I would love to see The Mars Volta, Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age.

  127. Melissa Larsen

    Bowling for Soup was my first ever concert when I was 12 and I haven’t seen them since!! Their definitely on the top of my list! Also The Used and Silverstein

  128. Chad Erwin

    Finch and Mr bungle for sure !!! And h20 , and turnstile

  129. Bayside!!

  130. Bowling for Soup!!!!! Reminds me of the Warped Tour days :)

  131. Foo Fighters!

  132. Kyle Ewing

    Balance & Composure because the boys are back BABY!!!!!

  133. Courtney Anderson

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Corey Feldman is a top pick performance for most attendees, but personally I’m most stoked to see Say Anything.

  134. Sara Maranon


  135. Sarah Baird


    I’d also like to see the Breeders. So I can party like I’m 36 again. (But really it’s all about the fricken Cure)

  136. Foooo Fighters!!!

  137. I’m excited to see the Foo Fighters, The Interupters, Frank Turner, and L.S. Dunes!!!

  138. Ali Fendrick

    Excited to see The Used, George Clinton, and Bowling for Soup!!

  139. I want to see Kim Gordon because I’ve been a fan since I was 14 and I’ve never seen her live

  140. The postal service has always been an artist I’ve wanted to see since 7th grade. This is huge obviously. Pup had to drop a few years ago and I’m excited for them! Origami angel is one of the best bands out there.
    I manifested Foo fighters cuz I have been saying riot needs them to headline.

    This year is wicked and I can’t wait for September!

  141. Marcus J. Saldana

    The Cure, The Breeders,Funkadelic, Death Cab, The Cure, The Cure, The Cure

  142. Sue Baran

    I love the Foos and their new release, and Flogging Molly is always fun!

  143. Super stoked for Mr Bungle

  144. I really want to see Mr. Bungle, Warpaint, and Corey Feldman!

  145. I want to see The Postal Service and The Dresden Dolls!!

  146. the Postal Service, 100%

  147. Erin riley

    I want to see The Used. Haven’t seen them since Taste of Chaos!

  148. Henry Matteson

    Queens of the Stone Age! Been 9 long years since I last saw my boys.

  149. Ani and gecs!!!

  150. William Stein

    The Breeders. I have always loved the Deal sisters!

  151. The Postal Service!! Give Up was such an important album for me. I wasn’t a concert-goer in high school (I was a sheltered nerd*) so I missed seeing them in their heyday. Seeing them live would be a dream come true!

    *(So appropriate that later in college my literature professor played our class “Such Great Heights” when explaining Plato’s concept of soulmates.)

  152. I wanna see The Breeders because I’ve never seen them live before!!

  153. Would love to see Kim Gordon, Flogging Molly, The Interrupters, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Corey Feldman, The Dresden Dolls, and of course, The Cure! Never been to a Riot Fest, but it always looks like such an amazing lineup! Some day when I have more money to travel lol

  154. Morgan Marschall

    The Postal Service. <3 They got me through high school. I'm so interested what it's like to see them live.

  155. Megan Luckett

    The used and afi!!! I have been going to concerts and festivals but have yet to see them!

  156. Elizabeth Green

    Corey. Fucking. Feldman.

  157. Luis Del Valle

    Underground band that have been at it for years… The gen that keeps pushing out great album and touring their asses off…

    Rose Mounting is a classic!!!

  158. Mike Lisowski

    Most excited to see Parliament Funkadelic featuring George Clinton…cause it’s George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic!

  159. Foo Fighters!

  160. Ryan Gennett

    Viagra Boys. 3/3 fantastic albums. Sebastian is an incredible front man. Truly special group out of Sweden.

  161. Eric Knutilla

    I’m excites to see DEATH GRIPS because I like really chill music

  162. THE CURE

    But, also 100 gecs. I was supposed to see them in 2020 but have yet to get the chance to!

  163. Dave Gomes

    Most excited for the Rival Schools set!

  164. Dana Grzenia

    Most excited to see Gaslight Anthem!

  165. Ashley Dippel

    I want to see Turnstile and the Mars Volta!

  166. Viagra Boys. Cave World was a great record!

  167. Jenny Siviter

    I would love to see The Postal Service and The Breeders live. Have never seen either of them in person and I feel like it’d be mind-blowing.

  168. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, P-Funk, Breeders!

  169. Michael Tatick

    My Riot Fest must sees

    Foo Fighters
    Death Cab for Cutie
    The Postal Service
    Queens Of The Stone Age
    Mr. Bungle
    Tegan And Sara
    The Dresden Dolls
    Insane Clown Posse
    George Clinton
    White Reaper
    Balance And Composure
    Hawthorne Heights
    Bowling For Soup
    Total Chaos
    Earth Crisis
    Enter Shikiri

  170. Dave Hoon

    I see 37 acts I’d like to see, but Just Mustard will do just fine

  171. I would love to see QOTSA!!! \m/

  172. Cory Fucking Feldman.

  173. Erik Johnson

    So many I want to see! No. 1 would be Foo Fighters because they bring a great live show of awesome songs! I’d also be thrilled to see QOTSA, Flogging Molly, Viagra Boys, Dresden Dolls, Kim Gordon, Gaslight Anthem, Ani DiFranco …

  174. Postal Service, Death Cab, the Cure, Head Automatica, ICP, mr Bungle!

  175. Justin Ryan

    Turnstile, Finch, Head Automatica, Drain, Snapcase, Pennywise…

  176. Humberto Carlos

    Foo Fighters are on my bucket list!!

  177. Benjamin Wolf

    MR BUNGLE. They’re the best.

  178. Jami Hamm

    Death Cab for Cutie

  179. Bill Tiede

    Of the bands in smaller print, I’d love to see Ride. They’ve had some great recent releases to add to their classic canon from wave 1 shoegaze

  180. Virginia Ordonez

    I’m most excited to see Queens of The Stone Age

  181. Kristina Cooper

    Mr Bungle! We love all the bands but especially Mr Bungle. We played Bungle at our wedding 20 years ago in October so to see them live right before our 20 anniversary would be amazing!!!!

  182. Ann Theodorou

    Ride, The Breeders, God Speed, Death Cab! I could go on!!!!!

  183. Buck Phecker

    Jehnny Beth!

  184. I’d love to see Death Cab for Cutie, the Used, Postal Service, Origami Angel and soooo many more!!!

  185. Quincey Melvin

    Turnstile for sure!

  186. Kelli Murrie

    The Cure and AFI are my two favorite bands, so this would be an amazing opportunity to see both.

  187. Mars Volta. They’re one of my favorite bands and somehow I still haven’t seen them (mostly due to financial reasons).

  188. Briana McDonald

    I’m excited to see The Gaslight Anthem ☺️

  189. Dyslexicjay

    Gorilla biscuits the exploited

  190. Michael J

    Solid lineup this year! Everything deserves to be seen and heard!! But I’d love to see Screaming Females again. It’s been a long while since I last saw them and they always crush it on stage!

  191. Death cab for cutie & the postal service

  192. I’d love to see the Used <3

  193. Death Grips bc I never thought I’d get the chance to see them live!

  194. Chris Schiemann

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor would be the coolest. Have a shot of Malort and then a Riot Fest Sucks and just chill out. Sounds rad to me!

  195. Melissa Harkenrider

    Bayside, the Used and AFI

  196. Katie Daubney

    I wanna see Fea so bad!

  197. Ron Miles

    Black angles all-day long

  198. Definitely excited to see 100 gecs!

  199. I want to see L.S. Dunes!!!!

  200. Would love to see Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls at Riot Fest- great music, contagious energy, perfect for a festival crowd experience!


    Ahh so many amazing bands! Hubby and I went to riot fest for the first time a couple years ago and had the best time.

    So reminds me of my warped tour days.

    Would loveee to see the used, death cab for cutie, say anything, bayside, Hawthorne heights, bowling for soup, flogging Molly, ICP?!
    For real what a killer lineup!

    It definitely wasn’t a phase

  202. The Breeders because I think Kim and Kelley Deal are badass!

  203. Besides the almighty Cure I would love to heal my inner child with Foo Fighters, cry my eyes out at DeathCab for Cutie, take in the good aura of ICP and I’m rooting for Corey Feldman!

  204. Holly Kowaleski

    QOTSA & Mr. Bungle! & The Breeders!!

  205. Erica Henry

    So many!

    Death Cab, The Postal Service, The Used, White Reaper, Pup, Head Automatica (hello nostalgia ), Queens, and the list could go on!

  206. Doug Sharp

    The Breeders because I haven’t seen them since ‘94 and also George Clinton

  207. Corey Feldman! I’m an 80’s lover and have always wanted to see him perform live!

  208. Cory Wielert

    All of them! Great opportunity to see some history in the making! Would love to catch Pennywise, Bayside, P Funk, 100 Gecs. And every other act.

  209. Ian Thomson

    Yard Act for me. The Overload is one of the best debut albums by a British band in years, and they don’t miss a beat playing it live.

  210. kim gordon, ani difranco, & p-funk. As much as i love foo, not sure if i can watch w/o taylor up there. . .

    thanks for the giveaway


  211. Rachel Woo

    I want to see Foo Fighters (and the Cure of course ), Tegan and Sara, AFI, P-Funk and George Clinton. The lineup is incredible.

  212. Summer Davis

    Would love to see the Cure, Foo Fighters, Black Angels and Warpaint!

  213. Maria Villari

    Tegan and Sara! I remember seeing them at Riot Fest last time, while waiting for the Cure to go on and they were awesome! Would love to see another double dose of them… and…. well, I have to say it… THE CURE!!! <3 <3 <3

  214. Queens of the Stone Age!

  215. Helen HILDRETH Roszko

    Foo Fighters – incredible Live act!!

  216. I want to see the Foo Fighters!!

  217. Mr Bungle, Turnstile, so many others.

  218. Elisabeth Smith

    I’d like to see Foo Fighters rock out.

  219. Edward Douglas

    I want to see Total Chaos at Riot Fest, just cause I like their name and they’re all the way at the bottom. Sure to be great!

  220. The Black Angels. This is possibly the wrong type of festival for them, but I will see them at all cost. Great lineup!

  221. Angela Holmes

    I can’t even wait to see Finch and relive my 20 year old emo heart exploding! I thought they had said for sure they were only doing 4 dates so was so happy to see Riot Fest was tacked on!

  222. Nina Wakefield

    Sleep Token – hands down! Their genre bending music has captured many hearts, mine included. I’d love to see them live!

  223. Nik Sokoloski

    Would love to see Turnstile at Riot Fest!!!

  224. Shawn P. Eckert

    I really want to see Flogging Molly. My has never had the chance to see them, and I wish so much for that to happen!

  225. David Dring

    I’d absolutely love to see Warpaint, 1. Because they’re are friggin’ awesome, and 2. Because I got my first ever freelance writing gig from writing a Warpaint album review!

  226. Mike Pavlo

    Queens of the Stone Age and George Clinton

  227. Christopher Nielsen

    AFI and Say Anything!!!

    Brings me back to early 2010-2012. I love the music from my youth.

  228. Snapcase and AFI. Because I last saw them at the Shelter in Detrtoit (separate shows), it would be funny to see them at such a large fest.
    George Clinton/P-Funk too.

  229. Jessica Z

    Most excited for the bands i’ve never gotten to see: Postal Service, Death Cab, Dresden Dolls, and Mr Bungle.

  230. The Breeders

    always liked Gaslight Anthem and they sound like a great band to see live.

  232. Zach swenson

    Foo Fighters and 100 Gecs

  233. BALANCE AND COMPOSURE!!! (i missed getting tickets for their small tour) the lineup is killer this year i would hate to miss out

  234. Shawn Shultz

    Mr. Bungle of course. My buddy just moved to Chicago. This would be the only way I’d visit him ha

  235. Mr. Bungle, Godspeed!, THE CURE!, George Clinton, Earth Crisis and Kim Gordon!

  236. Jacob Geraghty


  237. Stephen Riscica

    Just Mustard — recently discovered this group — they remind me of Cranes
    Kim Gordon
    Ani DiFranco
    The Dresdon Dolls

  238. Heather B

    Would love to see The Breeders because Kim Deal is the best. Her voice is amazing and so is her bass playing.

  239. Fernando Aguero

    The Dresden Dolls and Crass!!

  240. Wendy Meza

    I’m very excited to see Bayside and Foo Fighters!

  241. The Cure,


  243. Kelly Funk

    Would love to see Foo Fighters. And Death Cab/Postal Service. And Dresden Dolls.

  244. Armandina Perez

    YES, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE FREE TICKETS TO RIOT FEST PLEASE I would like the opportunity to see The Mars Volta finally . I’ve never had the opportunity to attend riot fest due to prior engagements or financial issues . It’s also my birthday weekend and it would be awesome to celebrate it at Riot Fest .

  245. Ride, gorilla biscuits, Steve ignorant, death cab…so many!

  246. The acts I want to see most are The Interrupters, Pup and Gaslight Anthem – have not yet been disappointed at any of their shows!

  247. Geoffrey Schwertfeger

    I’m most excited to see George Clinton and PFunk, never thought I’d be able to see them before retirement!

    • Michael Joncas

      There are so many bands I would love to see from this year’s lineup, but I would be most excited to see Sludgeworth!! Dan Vapid rules.

  248. The Breeders. I’m old. :-D Also P-Funk with George Clinton, Postal Service, Kim Gordon, Foo Fighters, Flogging Molly, and yes…absolutely The Cure above all!

  249. Andrew Funk

    Long time fan of the Dresden Dolls and would love to see them at the fest!

  250. Jessica W.

    Of course The Cure, of COURSE. But also really would love to see Ani Difranco, Tegan and Sara, and Death Cab for Cutie.

  251. I’d love to see The Dresden Dolls. Have been a fan of theirs for almost 20 years and have never gotten to see them!

  252. I’d love to see The Mars Volta, Deloused changed the course of musical tastes as a teenager and I’ve never been able to see them. I’d also love to see 100 gecs, I saw them on their most recent tour and it was so much fun

  253. YES, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE FREE TICKETS TO RIOT FEST PLEASE TO SEE SLEEP TOKEN!!! Would absolutely make my year to see sleep token.

  254. Danielle P

    Death Cab for Cutie (it’ll be my sixth time seeing them live!), The Postal Service, and Tegan and Sara! This will be during my fiance and I’s pre-wedding relaxation trip to Chicago before our wedding day in late October!

  255. Tom Johnson

    Corey Feldman (I dare you to look away!)

  256. The Interrupters!

  257. Meghan OConnell

    I cannot wait to see the Interrupters!!

  258. Christopher Old

    Yes, I would very much like free tickets to Riot Fest

    Postal Service please and thank you

  259. Malyndia Cooper

    I’m excited about so many of my long time favorite bands being on the lineup…
    Postal Service & Death Cab For Cutie (who’s show near me sold out in 5 MINUTES, leaving me unable to buy tickets & resell prices are outrageous)
    Sleep Token (who isn’t playing anywhere near me)
    SAY ANYTHING (because Max Beamis is incredible & I’m genuinely excited to see them re-emerging sounding amazing)
    The Used (who I’ve LOVED since their 2002 self titled album but haven’t been able to see live)
    The absolute LEGENDS of Cali Ska-Punk/Skate Punk including AFI, The Interrupters & Pennywise, of strong female voices including Teagan & Sara, The Breeders & Ani DeFranco,, the early 2000’s scene sounds of Hawthorne Heights, Finch, THURSDAY, Silverstein Bowling For Soup, Enter Shikari, Head Automatica, The Gaslight Anthem & the super group of L.S, Dunes and many more like Flogging Molly, Nothing,Nowhere, Code Orange & George Clinton & The Parliament Phunkadelics…

    I guess it’s obvious to say that my musical taste is pretty diverse, but what they have in common are they all super talented and as I live in Arizona, winning tickets would mean having a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

  260. Tim Surber

    I would say Foo Fighters, but I already am seeing them in July (Stoked!). So I am gonna go for a deep cut on the list with Ani Difranco. Oh, and of course the Cure.
    Honorable mention to Death Cab and Postal Service.

  261. Joe Camardo

    Postal service! 100%

  262. Gabriel Rheaume

    “YES, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE FREE TICKETS TO RIOT FEST Please.” I would love to see Steve Ignorant as Steve, CRASS, and other anarcho-punks have been huge inspirations to me throughout the years. They don’t regularly come to America, so this is a great opportunity to see them.

  263. Queens of the Stone Age! They were my first concert when I was only ten months old and I’m now 21!!

  264. Finch. Bucket list band since highschool, but every time I get close to seeing them they break up.

  265. so excited for LS Dunes, AFI, and the postal service but i’m so happy with the entire lineup!

  266. Might be kinda weird but I’m most excited for both Tegan and Sara and Say Anything TBH

  267. Leighia Chambers

    I would love to see the Breeders

  268. Cayla Westfall


    Uhhh well honestly.. it’s hard to choose JUST ONE band with a lineup this good. AND with many of these bands on my “see before I die” list.

    I’ve been listening to SO many of these bands literally since I was in my early teens and they’ve literally RAISED ME— from laughing myself to sleep at “Wow I can get sexual too”, to dedicating “I will follow you into the dark” to countless boyfriends and emo hours, to drunken bar karaokes, to drooling over Dave Grohl, and blaring “Miss Murder”.. I truly need this for my soul.

    it would be SUCH a full circle moment for me. I think I’d be healing a little bit of my inner little emo teen. (It’s not a phase, Mom)

    If I had to choose…I’d say..
    Say Anything, Bowling for Soup, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, The Used, Flogging Molly, AFI, Hawthorne Heights… ( I know we’re not allowed to mention them but.. come on, THE CURE?!?).. okay i’ll stop now.. because honestly.. all????

    PS :

  269. Tom Jachulski

    Hey, thanks for the opportunity! I’m a long time Bayside fan. I can’t think of any time that I would likely be able to go see Ani Difranco or the Cure!
    Also, really interested in seeing Sleep Token.
    And I’ve never seen AFI surprisingly after all these years. And, of course, I missed the last time Faith No More toured, (big bucket list band for me), but I would love to see Mr. bungle. Thanks for your consideration and I hope I get a picked! My wife would lose her mind if I got to take her to this…

  270. Andy Jack

    It is my dream to see Bowling for Soup perform LIVE the theme song for the Disney Channel TV show Phineas and Ferb!

  271. The Postal Service and Death Cab

  272. Bob Elvey

    Gaslight Anthem. I got into them just as they were finishing their run. Now they’re back!

  273. I missed Ride on tour this winter so I would love to catch them. Screaming Females are one of the great bands of the last 20 years and I would encourage everyone to see them any chance they can get.

  274. Would love to see Mars Volta and Mr. Bungle! Also the Bobby Lees!

  275. Chris Prowse

    The Mars Volta!

  276. ICP

  277. Enter Shikari! Will be travelling from the UK for this one and absolutely can’t wait!

  278. I’d like to see Mr. Bungle, because they reinvent themselves every time they come out with an album.

  279. Jackie Lonis

    So many great bands to see. Foo fighters, The Cure, Sleep Token!!!!!

  280. I’ve seen a bunch of these headliners before. I’ve never had the chance to see the Dresden Dolls or Mr. Bungle. Those would be top of list for me.

    Also Godspeed you! Black Emperor. I can’t see them enough

  281. Jay Stepp

    On top of the fact Riot Fest booked Mr. Bungle and Snapcase….they booked Earth Crisis. As a 46 year old straightedge guy, it’s been over 20 years since I’ve been able to catch them. They were the band that introduced me to the term and helped me understand what it was to wear the X.

  282. David Groff

    I want to see the Breeders!

  283. Eric Barbus


  284. Frank Turner!!!

  285. The Foo Fighters, Ani, Turnstile(!).

  286. Erin Haverstock

    Mr. Bungle, because who doesn’t want to see Mike Patton live?

  287. So many bands…so little time!!!

  288. The Lovely Kim Deal and the Breeders and Janet Wiess and Sam Coomes, Quasi Rocks!!!

  289. The Postal Service!!!

  290. FOO FIGHTERS!! My fiancés absolute favorite band ever

  291. I would absolutely love to see The Postal Service..

    Reason being Give Up was the soundtrack to the best summer of my life in 2003. Some of the best memories, friendships, and mistakes were made to this album. Being able to see TPS live at Riot Fest would bring all of that back full circle 20 years later. Not only that but I would be spending it with the person I made many of those memories with back in 2003. Honestly it would be a dream come true. They would see us waving from such great heights and we wouldn’t come down.

  292. I want to see Foo Fighters! I’ve seen them many times and they’re always unbelievable. It will be sad to not have Taylor with them but I think Josh will kill it!

  293. Tegan and Sara and bayside

  294. Erin Richey

    I would love to Foo Fighters! We had tickets to see FF in Chicago in 2018 and I had to have surgery….I was not able to even get out of a chair. I was so sad! It has been one of my goals to never miss another opportunity to see them again! I am a cancer survivor 8 years out now and I know how short life can be!

  295. Daniel Torres

    Head Automatica! Glassjaw is one of my favorites! Beating Heart Baby!

  296. My angel Mike Patton to make up for the last min cancellations when I went in 2021 – Mr. Bungle!

  297. The postal service and ICP! whoop whoop

  298. Insane Clown Posse. I want to see Juggalos in their natural habitat but I’m too afraid to attend their annual Gathering. They’ll sense I’m not one of them!

  299. there are so many bands i’d love to see this year, l.s. dunes and the cure being my favorites of the lineup. however, the highest priority band for me this year is probably death grips, since i have never seen them live and can tell from youtube videos that they put on an insane show. im also looking forward to pinkshift, the used, afi, 100 gecs, and head automatica in particular. hopefully there arent too many schedule conflicts, because id love to see all of these.

  300. Joe James

    Mars Volta. I totally missed the boat on the band on their first go-round and would love to see them.

  301. Of this whole list, I’d say Foo Fighters. Saw them many years ago but hadn’t grown to appreciate Dave Grohl the way I do now. He’s such a great dude I really want to see him again with a new appreciation.

  302. Crass and Ride are absolute must-see bands. Finest British punk and shoegaze ever.

  303. Doloris/Lori

    It is my ☆50th B’Day☆ this year & my Daughter wanted to do something special for me. I said that *ALL I wanted was to see The Cure. We waited too late & the tix prices for the show in Chicago in June skyrocketed (too much for her to spend on a single show I thought, so I let her off that hook). Then, I saw *this (Riot Fest) & I thought, ok .. tix are slightly *cheaper – for *several good bands, later in the year, more time to prep, let’s try for *this. And now I see this post , wouldn’t *that be amazin?! for me *& her .. .
    The Cure is *obviously the main objective, but I also * The Dresden Dolls, I * AFI, I’d *love to see The Mars Volta (seeing Sparta at a local club on June 4th), QOTSA, Mr. Bungle, Flogging Molly .. & The Breeders – fun fact > I sang ‘Glorious’ on a tribute compilation to The Breeders called Hellbound (that some say they have played as their intro music before hitting the stage-true story? ‍♀️ .. not our song, in particular, but the CD, so *that would be cool. Also, the internet sometimes attributes the song to a *different band called Tinkle?, long story .. but nope-*def Me ). Plus, I’d get to check out some other bands that maybe I otherwise would not have. So yeah .. winning this *would make my 50th pretty special. I’d be *so happy & eternally grateful .

  304. I can not wait to see The Dresden Dolls. All of their other shows sold out during pre-sale. Plus, love Frank Turner’s sets, and would HAPPILY see him again this year somewhere I can dance/mosh.

  305. Abigail Keane

    I’m most excited to see Death Cab. 15 years ago I was a sad teenager listening to Transatlanticism and this year I’m marrying the love of my life at Riot Fest. Full circle.

  306. Ashton Tisdale

    I would LOVE to see the Foo Fighters! I have been listening to them since I was 9 years old (so for 24 years). I can’t wait to see Josh Freese as the new drummer.

  307. Can’t wait to see Yard Act

  308. Death Cab! Foo Fighters! So many more!

  309. Foo fighters, Turnstile, Mars Volta, Mr Bungle, AFI, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and so many more

  310. I am most excited to see 100 gecs and death cab for cutie!!! i haven’t seen any of these artists live before and it would be exhilarating. I am so excited for this line up and will do anything to get some tickets!! this would be a once in a life time opportunity for me

  311. David Fewkes

    I’d love to see Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service! Thanks for the promotion!

  312. Amanda Thompson

    Foo Fighter and Ani Difranco

  313. Kirk Roessler

    Breeders & Foo Fighters

  314. YES, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE FREE TICKETS TO RIOT FEST PLEASE. Mars Volta and the Cure seems like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

  315. I would like to see The Breeders and Kim Gordon. Kim Deal and Kim Gordon are both pioneers for female rockers. Can’t imagine what they might have endured during their start in a male dominated industry especially when they first started. Pixies and Sonic Youth are not the same to me without them.

  316. Matt Allen

    The Breeders is top of the list (right behind the Cure, and right ahead of Corey Feldman)

  317. I’d like to see snapcase and quicksand

  318. So many to see, Sleep Token, Head Automatica, and Postal Service are way up there for sure!

  319. Paul Lanphear

    I was unable to get tickets to Foo Fighters in Phoenix, so I would love to be able to see them.

  320. Disco Debbie

    Foo Fighters and Parliament Funkadelic

  321. i can’t help it. i have to say the cure – i’d be lying if i said anything else! i’ve been a fan since the 90s and am seeing them 10 times this tour (including europe), but i’d happily take more. :) thank you for the opportunity!

  322. Salvador Lara

    I want to see Corey Feldman, besides the cure

  323. Sonia Gutierrez

    Postal Service, Death Cab, AFI, Foo Fighters, Sleep Token, Code Orange, Bayside, Mars Volta, Thursday, Hawthorne Heights and of course The Cure

  324. The Postal Service because of course!

  325. Alice Clark

    I can’t wait to see sleep token

  326. I want to see Ride and The Breeders. I’ve never seen either of them live!

  327. Joanne seip

    Ani Difranco!

  328. Foo fighters!

  329. From our home in Manitoba, Canada we are driving down 999 miles to catch Joshua Homme perform live as QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE!!!! The first and only chance I’ve got to see him perform was back in Nov. 14th 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We maybe in our 40’s but we are not missing this!!!!!

  330. Marc Collins

    LS Dunes, Qotsa, Mars Volta, Foo Fighters, quicksand, enter dhikari to name a few!!!

  331. Lisa Dahl


    Mr. Bungle! Everything Mike Patton is involved in is pure gold. FNM is a bucket list band for me so I’ll get as close as I can. I’m also excited to see Frank Turner live any time I can. Such a positive, good time. Also Ani and Tegan and Sara!

    • Viagra Boys bcuz I keep missing them, twice now in Seattle! Ugh, plus I’ve never been to RiotFest or the Windy City…and I couldn’t make it to Mr Bungle either. Ugh#2-HaHa

    Death Cab, Postal Service, Frank Turner, Sludgeworth (Local show sold out before I was able to get tickets!), The Cure… my all time favorite band… getting married 9/9/2023 and would love this as a wedding gift! Would make an amazing honeymoon to see my favorite band with my soon to be husband!

  333. Missie Bird

    For me it’s The Breeders. No wait it’s AFI. Wait maybe Say Anything? No it’s The Breeders. I think.

  334. I cant wait to see Finch again! Also pretty stoked for Frank Turner, LS Dunes, The Used, AFI, and like 30 other bands

  335. I’d most love to see sleep token, foo fighters, death cab, queens, insane clown posse, and more! I’m absolutely in a downward spiral of hyper obsession with sleep token, plus I have been a fan of the other bands since I was riding along listening to them with my dad when I was little.

  336. PUP PUP PUP PUP I want to see PUP

  337. Brittany Townes


    Turnstile and Warpaint are tied!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeee!

  338. This contest is now closed. The winner will be notified via email in the coming days.

    Thanks so much to everyone who entered.

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