Dark Wave Playlists, Radio — June 4, 2023 at 11:00 pm

Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs (6/4/23)

The Rose of Avalanche

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes are also available to subscribers to stream on demand via the SXM app.


The Rose of Avalanche, “Dreamland” (In Rock)
Peter Murphy, “All Night Long” (Love Hysteria)
Anita Lane, “I’m a Believer” (Dirty Pearl)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Crocodiles” (Crocodiles)
The Church, “Destination” (Starfish)
Acid Horse, “No Name, No Slogan” (Hypo Luxa-Hermes Pan 12-Inch Mix) (Side Trax)
Revolting Cocks, “At the Top” (Beers, Steers + Queers)
Pigface featuring Nivek Ogre, “Prepare to Die (Go! Go! Go!)” (Washingmachine Mouth)
Front Line Assembly, “Digital Tension Dementia” (Gashed Senses & Crossfire)
The Cure, “A Short Term Effect” (Pornography)
Switchblade Symphony, “Dissolve” (Serpentine Gallery)
The Creatures, “Pluto Drive” (Boomerang)
Killing Joke, “We Have Joy” (Revelations)

The Gun Club, “For the Love of Ivy” (Fire of Love)
Inca Babies, “The Diseased Stranger’s Waltz” (Rumble)
Nurse With Wound, “Yagga Blues” (Who Can I Turn To Stereo)
Helios Creed, “Sex Voodoo Venus” (X-Rated Fairy Tales)
The Sisters of Mercy, “Lights” (Some Girls Wander By Mistake)
The Glove, “Like An Animal” (Blue Sunshine)
Xmal Deutschland, “Polarlicht” (Viva)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “UV Ray” (Automatic)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “The Passenger” (Through the Looking Glass)
Ian McCulloch, “Lover, Lover, Lover” (Mysterio)
New Order, “Leave Me Alone” (Power, Corruption & Lies)
Cocteau Twins, “Cherry-Coloured Funk” (Heaven Or Las Vegas)

Ministry, “Lay Lady Lay” (Filth Pig)
Skinny Puppy, “One Time One Place” (Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse)
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, “Shock of Point 6” (My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult)
Nine Inch Nails, “Zoo Station” (AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered)
Bauhaus, “Spirit in the Sky” (Singles)
Joy Division, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Peel Session) (Heart and Soul)
Pixies, “Wave of Mutilation” (Doolittle)
Modern English, “Move in Light” (Mesh & Lace)
Love and Rockets, “Kundalini Express” (Express)
Kate Bush, “The Big Sky” (Hounds of Love)
Coil, “Things Happen” (Love’s Secret Domain)
Gary Numan, “Engineers” (The Pleasure Principle)
Depeche Mode, “Dangerous” (Personal Jesus)


Got a request? Requests will be considered for future episodes as long as they fit the show’s format and generally within the 1stWave era — and provided the host doesn’t harbor an intense dislike of the song. 






  1. What an absolute treat of a show this evening with the Thrill Kill Kult’s Shock of Point 6 being the highlight of an evening consisting of nothing but. The collection of songs used in the bumpers and such. Could I request:

    Front Line Assembly- Final Impact

    My two year old daughter likes to do a stompy dance to it.

  2. Hellos Creed was a treat tonight, thanks Matt!
    For an upcoming show, please: The Cure – A Man Inside my Mouth

  3. Great songs tonight, and great show as usual.
    Could you play “Stormy” by Wipers please? Thanks, and look forward to your Dark Wave every Sunday.

  4. Great Show! Would love to request Going Under by Devo.

  5. Hi Matt, can I request Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s Hand on Heart for next week? Thanks :-)

  6. “A Wish Away” by the Wonder Stuff

  7. next week could we hear “Lament” by Ultravox

    • This was one of my favorite sets this year Matt, already on a second listen. New Order’s “Leave Me Alone” is my all time favorite track of theirs and reminded me of an ongoing friendly argument I’ve had for years with a good buddy of mine. He says “Ultraviolence” is the quintessential NO track, I say it’s “Leave Me Alone.” Power, Corruption and Lies is a perfect album regardless.

      Also loved hearing Anita Lane, The Church, The Creatures, Gun Club, and Nurse With Wound was a particularly inspired selection.

      We’re seeing The Cure in less than two weeks, can’t wait. How about another deep cut selection that I don’t expect to hear: “The Holy Hour.”

      Have a great week, cheers!

    • Would love to request christian death- spectre (only love is death) up from fort collins

    • Awesome show
      Could you play Into the Light by Siouxsie and The banshees

  8. You really outdid yourself this week, Matt. Destination, Crocodiles, Gun Club, The Glove, those were brilliant. Really great to hear them.

  9. Jim Turoczy

    Would like to request for next week, need not play them all…

    Front 242, Headhunter
    Wire, Ahead
    Freur, Devil And The Darkness

  10. Hey Matt

    Awesome work! Thanks for playing more from Love’s Secret Domain – such a good album!

    Always love the older KJ also – how about playing “Money is Not Our God” as well? Saw the tour for Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions in SF (on Haight Street) way back, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to! :)


  11. Great looking track list this week Matt – hour 3 is especially awesome!! I can’t wait to listen to it entirely. Some possible suggestions for next time:

    Sisters of Mercy – Some Kind of Stranger
    Depeche Mode – Something To Do
    Book of Love – I Touch Roses

    Thanks again as always! 。⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠。

  12. Siouxsie & the Banshees – Carcass

  13. Great show as always!

    in celebration of Live105 returning to the airwaves this week, how about repping the Bay Area on an upcoming show? Best I could come up with was Primus’ cover of Making Plans for Nigel (or Intruder), some Dead Kennedys, or maybe Flipper’s Sex Bomb?

    • Brilliant idea Evan! Here are some other bay area band suggestions:

      Brian Jonestown Massacre
      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      Drab Majesty

  14. Whoops. So apparently the NiN cover of Zoo Station was mislabeled on the siriusxm stream as an “Audien/Lady Antebellum” song.

  15. How about Spear of Destiny’s Never Take Me Alive? Haven’t heard that in a while.

  16. Thanks for another great night of music.
    Please play one of these in an upcoming show.

    Sanity Assassin – Bauhaus
    Feathers Oar-Blades – Cocteau Twins

  17. Ah, Nurse With Wound. Always a treat to hear goodies from Steven Stapleton…

    Hanzel Und Gretyl

  18. I strongly support Jim Turoczy´s request for Freur´s “Devil and Darkness”.

  19. Hey Matt
    Could you play
    Greater Than One-Everybody’s Crazy

  20. Great episode.

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    Helios Creed, “Sex Voodoo Venus”

  21. Another absolutely perfect show! I know it’s too late for requests this Sunday…but if you could play one the following, some people at Bells Brewerey would love it!

    The Cure: Fear of Ghosts
    Lords of the New Church; Live for Today
    Nick Cave/ Boys Next Door: Shivers
    The Tear Party: Psycopomp
    David Tibet: Deadalus Falling

    Thank you!!!

  22. Great show this week. Hour 2 nailed it with Gun Club and Helios Creed.

    Thanks for the great music. Have a good one.

  23. Hey great set as usual
    This one goes back a few setlist on dark wave so amazing.
    The dead can dance
    The serpent’s egg


  24. I special request that you would only be able play at the third hour is this gem that I used to hear regularly on local college radio the weeks that followed valentines “why d’ya do it” by Marianne Faithfull

  25. Great list as always Matt! If you can this Sunday: Lowlife – Swing

  26. Great choices on the covers!

  27. Hey this is a great song
    The lucy show

    He’s got…..she’s got it!!:)

  28. Love this show, I listen weekly, check out my band The Subtle-Poet (Post-Punk, New Wave band). My album Psychos (2021), check out Andromache, Cerulean, Amygdalah, The Labyrinth or all of it lol would be great if you ever played by my band, just, really wanted to suggest. Peace

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