New Releases — June 19, 2023 at 7:43 am

Out this week: Lloyd Cole, Dream Syndicate, Swans, The Smiths, Midnight Oil, D.O.A., Bad Manners

Lloyd Cole | Photo by Mark Dellan

This is a round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs. All releases due out this coming Friday unless noted. May also include some other titles released in recent weeks but not previously featured.


Lloyd Cole

DETAILS: Lloyd Cole this week releases his 12th solo album, a collection that finds him further exploring the electronic sounds that highlighted 2019’s Guesswork and features four song co-written with fellow Commotions Blair Cowan and Neil Clark.


The Dream Syndicate

RELEASE: History Kinda Pales When It and You Are Aligned: The Days of Wine and Roses — 40th Anniversary Edition
DETAILS: The Dream Syndicate’s 1982 debut album is reissued this week as a 4-disc, 54-track box set boasting 10 rarities and 31 previously unreleased recordings.



RELEASE: The Beggar
DETAILS: Michael Gira this week releases his 16th album under the Swans moniker, a 10-song collection written and produced by Gira featuring contributions from former members of the band as well as members of Gira’s Angels of Light.


The Smiths

RELEASE: Meat Is Murder, Strangeways, Here We Come
DETAILS: Rhino Records’ remastered vinyl pressings of The Smiths’ second and fourth albums are back in print this week. Meat Is Murder features “The Headmaster Ritual” and Strangeways includes “Girlfriend in a Coma.”


Midnight Oil

RELEASE: Armistice Day: Live at the Domain, Sydney
DETAILS: The Oils’ 2018 live album receives a limited-edition, 180-gram audiophile reissue this week on yellow vinyl. Features “Blue Sky Mine,” “U.S. Forces,” “The Dead Heart,” “King of the Mountain,” “Power and the Passion” and more.



RELEASE: War on 45: 40th Anniversary Edition
DETAILS: The hardcore legends’ 1982 12-inch EP is reissued on vinyl this week, with the eight original songs — including “Let’s Fuck,” omitted from the 2005 CD reissue — on one side, and seven demos on the other side.


Bad Manners

RELEASE: Singles 1980-1989
DETAILS: A new 3CD set compiles the ska legends’ singles released between 1980 and 1989, with the first two discs featuring A sides and B sides in chronological order, and the third spotlighting more than a dozen 12-inch mixes.


Various Artists

RELEASE: Waves of Distortion The Best of Shoegaze 1990-2022
DETAILS: The vinyl edition of this new 2-disc shoegaze compilation arrives this week, featuring music by Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Ride, Pale Saints, Lush, Kitchens of Distinction, Mogwai, Ultra Vivid Scene, Galaxie 500 and more.


Various Artists

RELEASE: Now 80s Alternative
DETAILS: The NOW Music series goes ’80s alternative this week with a 4CD set — also available as a 2LP edition — featuring music by New Order, R.E.M., Pixies, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Pretenders, XTC and more.




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