New Releases — June 5, 2023 at 6:50 am

Out this week: Love and Rockets, Josef K, Dead Milkmen, Tears For Fears, Chameleons

Love and Rockets

This is a round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs. All releases due out this coming Friday unless noted. May also include some other titles released in recent weeks but not previously featured.


Love and Rockets

RELEASE: My Dark Twin: The Sweet F.A. Sessions
DETAILS: Beggars Arkive this week releases a new 22-song, 2CD collection of material recorded for Love and Rockets’ 1996 album Sweet F.A. that includes six previously unreleased songs and eight previously unreleased versions of songs. 


Love and Rockets

RELEASE: Hot Trip to Heaven, Sweet F.A.
DETAILS: Beggars Arkive also continues its Love and Rockets vinyl reissue series this week, with expanded 2LP pressings of the band’s 1994 and 1996 albums, each featuring bonus tracks, some unreleased, on their fourth sides.


The Dead Milkmen

RELEASE: Quaker City Quiet Pills
DETAILS: The Philly punk-jokesters return this week with their first full-length album since 2014’s Pretty Music For Pretty People, a 13-track set featuring “Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)” and “The King of Sick.”


Tears For Fears

RELEASE: The Hurting
DETAILS: The 1983 debut from Tears For Fears receives a 40th anniversary vinyl reissue this week. Engineer Miles Showell remastered the LP at Abbey Road Studios and the album has been cut at half-speed on 180-gram vinyl.


The Chameleons

RELEASE: Script of the Bridge
DETAILS: This 40th anniversary reissue of The Chameleons’ debut album was remastered at Abbey Road and cut on double 180-gram orange-and-blue vinyl. Features new artwork by guitarist Reg Smithies.


Josef K

RELEASE: It’s Kinda Funny (Singles)
DETAILS: Les Disques Du Crépuscule this week releases an expanded, 20-song CD edition of their 2016 Josef K compilation, featuring the Scottish post-punk band’s singles from 1979 to 1982, plus B-sides and a John Peel session from 1981.


The March Violets

RELEASE: Made Glorious
DETAILS: The March Violets’ 2013 debut album — “the difficult first album,” following a run of singles and compilations in the ’80s — gets a belated U.S. release on CD this week with its first-ever vinyl pressing following at the end of the month.


The Wedding Present

DETAILS: The Wedding Present’s fourth album, released in 1994, receives a new reissue this week on 180-gram audiophile vinyl. Features the songs “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Shake It,” “Let Him Have It” and “It’s a Gas.”




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  1. David Eichstedt

    The love and rockets release is pretty cool. I wonder if this is all there is. I hope there is more to hear!

    • David Eichstedt

      also I would like to say that its not hard to make music. You are already a part of history. My dark twin is fantastic. Just move the fingers and vocal chords and make some more fucking music. we will always come to see you and accept you. Just have a good time and make another album. No Problem Man You guys only live once. Fucking LIVE! USE WHAT YOU HAVE!

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