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Electronic reissuing “Get the Message” best-of on double-vinyl, expanded 30-track 2CD set

Electronic | Photo by Todd Fath

The 2006 best-of celebrating Manchester supergroup Electronic — featuring New Order’s Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr of The Smiths — will be reissued next month, with a first-ever vinyl edition and an expanded 2CD set featuring a disc of B-sides, remixes and rare tracks.

Rhino Records will reissue Get the Message: The Best of Electronic on Sept. 29. Both the 15-track, double-vinyl edition and the expanded 30-track, 2CD edition are available for pre-order now.

The best-of collected tracks from the group’s three albums, released between 1991 and 1999, including key collaborations with Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant (“Getting Away With It,” “Disappointed”) and Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk (“For You,” “Imitation of Life”).

The second disc included with the CD reissue features remixes of “Getting Away With It,” “Feel Every Beat,” “Gangster” and more, plus tracks like “King of a Day,” “Radiation,” “Turning Point” and “Lucky Bag” — the latter of which you can hear bellow.

Here are the full tracklists for the reissue:


Electronic, Get the Message: The Best of Electronic


Side A
1. “Forbidden City”
2. “Getting Away With It”
3. “Get The Message”(Single Remix)
4. “Feel Every Beat”

Side B
1. “Disappointed” (Single Mix)
2. “Vivid” (Radio Edit)
3. “Second Nature”
4. “All That I Need”

Side C
1. “Prodigal Son”
2. “For You”
3. “Imitation Of Life” (New Edit)

Side D
1. “Out Of My League”
2. “Like No Other”
3. “Twisted Tenderness”
4. “Late At Night” (Radio Edit)



1. “Forbidden City”
2. “Getting Away With It”
3. “Get The Message” (Single Remix)
4. “Feel Every Beat”
5. “Disappointed” (Single Mix)
6. “Vivid” (Radio Edit)
7. “Second Nature”
8. “All That I Need”
9. “Prodigal Son”
10. “For You”
11. “Imitation Of Life” (New Edit)
12. “Out Of My League”
13. “Like No Other”
14. “Twisted Tenderness”
15. “Late At Night” (Radio Edit)

1. “Getting Away With It” (Vocal Remix)
2. “Lucky Bag”
3. “Feel Every Beat” (DNA Remix)
4. “Lean To The Inside” (2013 Edit)
5. “Get The Message” (DNA Groove Mix)
6. “Free Will” (Edit)
7. “Disappointed” (12” 808 State Remix)
8. “Idiot Country Two” (Edit)
9. “Gangster” (FBI Mix)
10. “I Feel Alright”
11. “A New Religion”
12. “Turning Point”
13. “Until The End Of Time” (Fluffy Dice Remix)
14. “King For A Day”
15. “Radiation”






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  1. Matt Walker

    Anyone know why Twisted Tenderness isn’t available streaming / Spotify?

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