Album News — February 3, 2014 at 7:12 am

The Cure announces new album ‘4:14 Scream,’ live DVDs, new ‘Trilogy’-style tour

The Cure's Robert Smith circa 2012

The Cure’s two sold-out shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall in March are being billed as just the beginning of “a very busy 2014” for Robert Smith and Co., with the band today announcing plans to release the long-delayed companion to 2008’s 4:13 Dream and a series of live DVDs — and perform The Top, The Head on the Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me in concert.

In a news release issued by the band (via Chain of Flowers), The Cure promises to release “in the next few months” both a series of live concert DVDs — no further details are offered — as well as the band’s 14th studio album, a collection recorded at the same time as 4:13 Dream and tentatively titled 4:14 Scream. Smith previously has characterized that material as much darker than what was released on 4:13 Dream.

In late 2014, according to the release, The Cure is making plans for another “Trilogy”-style tour, this time featuring full performances “around the world” of its three albums released between 1984 and 1987. This follows 2002 shows centered around Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers and 2011 dates performing Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds and Faith.

Rumors have been circulating of more “Trilogy”-style shows, particularly after the band dipped heavily into The Top at some of its shows last year, particularly one in Mexico in October.

No further details were offered of the touring or release plans — although fans should always be wary of Smith’s announcements of new material.

In 2009, upon revealing plans for a deluxe reissue of Disintegration, Smith also teased a number of releases that have yet to see the light of day, including DVD reissues of “The Cure in Orange” and “Show,” a boxed set of BBC recordings and a sequel to 1990 remix collection Mixed Up.






  1. So glad The Cure, with any lineup, just keeps on going to remind me what real, live music supposed to sound like.

  2. I just want to see them live one more time on my side of the pond….and playing the classics, I have no issue with this. THose to me were to best

  3. To believe or nof to believe… To see live or not to see live: there is no question!

  4. The cure, Needs Boris William Back…..

    • And if he won’t come back, maybe Budgie from The Banshees, who is just as competent as a drummer as Williams (maybe even a bit more imho, made similar and awesome music with SATB and who has worked with Smith before). Anyone but Cooper who has overstayed his welcome with most of the fanbase…

  5. Glory2Babalon

    I’m all for it and hopefuly they will play Seattle !

  6. Oh Awesome!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

  7. I’ll be seeing the Pixies in a few weeks….after that I have one last concert on my bucket list….The Cure. I NEED to see them. After that, with about 100 concerts under my belt, I can be complete.

  8. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  9. WTF is that above me???^

  10. I really, really hope they bring these shows to Chicago. They only played them in New York City last time, and I was crushed.

    The Cure remain epic.

  11. This round of Trilogy albums made 6, 7 & 70 on Slicing up Eyeballs Top 80’s Albums!

  12. Margaret Tlusty

    YOU HAVE TO TOUR!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. All I will say is all three are rather long-time-coming… The “4:13” companion had, er, better be good (I thought the last studio effort was hardly their best work, personally). The live DVD stuff has equally been something fans have been asking for. Hoping it is indeed remastered versions of “Orange” and “Show”, plus maybe the “Reflection” trilogy shows from a year or so back? And then the “Top/Head/Kiss” trilogy – was kinda expected. Good to see more new(ish) studio material as well, and not just nostalgia from Smithy and the boyz.

  14. It may sound old fashion but I would like to see all their VHS videos remastered to blue ray. Orange, staring at the sea, picture show, etc

  15. Smith is perfectly happy with Cooper . I’d love to see Boris return – but it is not going to happen .

    Why they haven’t released ORANGE on DVD remains a mystery .

    Must release DVD of the most recent ” trilogy ” tour .

  16. Of course The Cure needs Boris.

    Budgie is good but Boris did Last Dance, Torture, wonderful classic intros: WCIBY, IBD, JLH, etc

    • Budgie is more than just “good”. Really listen to his work with The Banshees (especially Tinderbox, their masterpiece imho). He easily rivals anything William’s did (and imo, surpasses him at times). Since it’s highly doubtful that he’ll ever return, Budgie is a perfect fit with The Cure. Something that Cooper, that almost with 20 yrs. with TC, has never been able to achieve.

      • Late to the party here but I couldn’t agree more with you. Budgie never got the notice or respect he deserved for the work he did with the Banshees. He is a big reason why I consider Juju to be their finest hour.

  17. I think we all agree that Boris is a more talented drummer than Jason , but as I said Robert Smith is obviously quite happy with Jason , as he has been in the drum chair almost as long as Lol , Andy and Boris put together !

    • Smith might be happy with Cooper but, even Smith can see that the fanbase is unhappy with Cooper. Always has been since he joined. It’s no secret that people go and see TC now, mainly for the older, pre-Cooper material. Dwindling album sales ever since Cooper’s addition are a tell-tale sign that fans are unhappy with the new direction. His high-school-marching-band style of drumming hasn’t been cutting it for years now. Not that I wish the new album to fail but, I highly doubt that it will jumpstart the fans enthusiasm like anything released before Cooper joined. It’s one thing to consider Cooper “good”, it’s another to be stubborn in the face of years of negative criticism.

  18. Saw The Cure lived in 88 in the USA.Absolutely brilliant.Hope they do tour again in the uk soon.

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